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Author:  ClaudKlutz [ Tue Feb 09, 2016 6:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Who's about

Anyone still playing?

Author:  PvtJoker [ Tue Feb 09, 2016 7:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Who's about

at the moment ....19 players worldwide lol

http://www.gametracker.com/search/bfv/? ... order=DESC

Only playing BF4 myself nowadays when it comes to playing. Tried Battlefield Hardline... meh.... Played Battlefront beta but don't think I'll buy the full game.

Author:  D48 [ Thu Jun 02, 2016 8:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Who's about

Hola, I have just reinstalled and was going to give it a whirl :D

Missed you lot!

Author:  PvtJoker [ Wed Jun 29, 2016 10:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Who's about

Holy fecking shit!....damn I havent been here for about a month and just seen it.

How ya been? and hows life? :D :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic:

Author:  GNR [ Tue Aug 09, 2016 11:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Who's about

Me and some other guys from Gotcha are playing on the Hello Server on 1.21.
They also have a website if you wanna join :)

I miss the old times we had on the jolt/fsfa servers... :boxing:

Author:  wiLoKee [ Thu Aug 18, 2016 6:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Who's about

No doubt someone will be playing bf1! :)

Author:  PvtJoker [ Sun Aug 21, 2016 12:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Who's about

woooot ...ello ello :panic: :panic:

I still have BFV installed and can join a server but the controls just won't work. :( Can look around with the mouse but no keys are working.

And yeah BF1 looks cool.... Roadkills with horses sound fun. :D

Author:  GNR [ Sun Aug 21, 2016 9:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Who's about

This may be a stupid question but have you tried change the compability mode to XP service pack 2 or windows98/95?

If you want more help there is some guys on the hello website who may help you with this problem :)

Author:  Grizzly.eXe [ Tue Jun 06, 2017 10:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Who's about

Hiya guys!!

If you remember me I'm Grizzly.eXe a.k.a. MichuNeo

Let me start, it's great to be back on the old jolt trash; we're missing the community & server badly but we're forced to carry on...

Situation in 2017 for BFV might look a bit dodgy. There's one worthy server left (teamkill disabled - that's how bad it is) with pings raging from 70-80 for UK players to 100-120 for the rest of Europe.
Based somewhere (really) east Canada - THX to that UK still can cope with the ping. Aussies and Kiwis are most unfortunate but at least they still carry on playing ;)

The only advantage is that now BFV players from all over the world are rejoining together.

Believe me or not but last year GOTCHA played a funwar against HELLO, while east coast'ers were rushing back from work & Europeans making strong coffee at 23:00 the Australians were waking up at 05:00 not to mention poor souls from New Zeland at zero-four-hundred... So despite of the borders BFV is truly global in its way!

As you could predict El CzuPaKadRa remained the most active GOTCHA player so far with GnR placing close after ;)
We still got Don Pedro, Fúry, Ejnem, JP (former [I.L.C] I Love Cheese) & Crow (me Sis) playing with us sometimes.

Yes. There are some minor compatibility issues while running BFV on W10, just like with W7. Nothing big enough to use it as an excuse from playing.
I mean no excuses at all! - the game is now free and you're going to get your CD-key if you lost your old one. :)
No PunkBuster issues anomore so game can even be run through bloody virtualisation via OS X or Linux.

Folks, last but not least - I just wanted to use this opportunity to thank you all for all those years we've spent competing and having fun with each other. It was a great time in my life, made my language skills decent enough to get my dreamjob (EGBT now rather than EPBC ;) )

Some of those friendships were stamped with meeting people IRL which was even better!

I don't expect many to see that post anytime soon but next weekend (15-18.06) I'm seeing [GOTCHA^] (Fists of) Fúry in London, so if any BFV old schooler is reading this and live nearby - for god sake give us a shout quick enough and let's grab an ale :)

Author:  PvtJoker [ Tue Jul 04, 2017 5:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Who's about

I saw it.... :D ... a month late though... :shrug: as i still come here once in a while to clean up the forums from spam.

Yeah good old times. :tumbleweed: :tumbleweed:

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